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Paris France: Orly airport terrorist shot dead was Islam 101’er Ziyed Ben Belgacem…….

Media to spin his being ‘radicalized’ when in fact he was only Islamized…….

They took him of the terrorist watch list and placed him on a criminal watch list instead! Thankfully they shot the bastard dead! And what’s with the pixelation of the face? He’s dead for crying out loud!

Paris Orly airport suspect named as Ziyed Ben Belgacem: What do we know about him?

THE man killed following a double attack in northern Paris and Orly airport on Saturday morning has been named by French officials as Ziyed Ben Belgacem.

First images emerge of Paris Orly shooter


Paris Orly airport was placed on lockdown after the suspect was shot dead inside the terminal after following an attack on three police officers earlier in the day.


A French offical connected to the investigation confirmed the attacker’s identity, adding he was a 39-year-old French-born national.


Reports suggested he was a serial offender with 44 offences on his criminal record – his most recent being for armed robbery.


The police source initially said the man was a radicalised Muslim who was known to the authorities.


However, later the French Interior Ministry confirmed the man was on a crime watchlist, not a terror watchlist.


According to the Paris prosecutor’s office, he had previously been on the authorities’ radar for suspected Islamic extremism.


That was despite his home being one of many searched in the days after the 2015 Paris suicide attacks which saw 130 people killed.


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