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UK: Imams are told to preach in English at beachheads……..


So they’ll preach the same Islam 101 in English, what UK court is going to prosecute them for repeating the intolerant and violent words of Mohamed?

Imams to be told to preach in English at mosques

There are concerns that preaching in foreign languages enforces divisions CREDIT: PIERO CRUCIATTI/ALAMY 

Imams are to be encouraged to deliver their sermons in English under measures being prepared to rid Britain of hate preaching.


The Telegraph has been told that the counter-extremism taskforce is working on the plans amid concern that preaching in foreign languages enforces divisions between Islam and mainstream British society and can foster radicalisation.


Ministers have been inspired by some Middle Eastern countries that have begun urging that sermons be published in English online. A senior Government source said: “If imams are speaking in another language it makes it far harder to know if radicalisation is taking place.”

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