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Geert Wilders: Strip all Turks of dual citizenship or send them packing……..

Hopefully most would opt for the latter.

‘Support the Netherlands or LEAVE’ Geert Wilders tells Turks to reject ‘CRAZY’ Erdogan

GEERT Wilders has demanded all of the Netherlands 400,000 ethnic Turks are stripped of their dual citizenship or go back to Turkey amid escalating tensions between the two states.


The leader of the Freedom party called Turks a “fifth column” as diplomatic tensions disintegrated between the two countries after Turkish diplomats were denied entry to the country.


Erdogan’s ministers have been trying to drum up support among western Europe’s 4.6million Turkish expatriates for a referendum which could give the president a raft of new constitutional powers following last year’s failed coup.


Mr Wilders said: “It’s quite clear. Now it proves most of them have double nationality and now it proves who they are loyal to.


“Are they loyal to Holland? Then they should reject the remarks of President Erdogan and they are as equal as anybody else.


“But if today proves in the coming days that they support the crazy and harsh remarks of Mr Erdogan then I invite them all to leave Holland, to go to Turkey and never come back because then their loyalty is not to Holland, but to the Turkish Republic.”


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