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Daniel Greenfield: Muslim refugee carried out ax attack in Germany…….


A Kosovar…..


Daniel Greenfield

Here’s what happened. The question is who did it.

Seven people including two police officers were injured when a man wielding an axe went on the rampage at a train station in Dusseldorf.
His victims included three men, a woman and a 13-year-old girl, with the teenager suffering lacerations to her upper arm. Three were seriously injured.
The 36-year-old man, described as being from ‘the former Yugoslavia’ and living in the nearby city of Wuppertal, suffered serious injuries and was being treated in a hospital.

The authorities are, very predictably, blaming “psychological problems”. This has been the same excuse used for nearly every individual Muslim terrorist in the past few years. So it’s meaningless.


After constantly screeching that the attacker was mentally ill, we learn that he’s from Muslim Kosovo and was an asylum seeker named Fatmir H.


More here.

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