Islam in the UK

UK: Man jailed for ten years for attempted beheading at Islamic beachhead (mosque)…….




Asked by police why he had the knife, Hamid said “to cut off his head”.

St Stephen’s security guard saves hostage from ‘beheading’ at Hull Mosque

By Hull Daily Mail  |  Posted: March 07, 2017

A security guard has described how he disarmed a knifeman who said he was going to behead a man at a Hull mosque.


Haidar Hamid, 22, “frog-marched” a neighbour to Hull Mosque and Islamic Centre while holding a serrated knife to his throat and a Stanley knife in his other hand.

With his victim bleeding from cuts to his cheek and chin, Hamid forced his head down in the mosque and asked: “Are you going to pray now?”


But he was spared further injury in a dramatic rescue by worshipper Ebrima Touray, 45, who put himself in harm’s way to disarm Hamid.


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