ISLAMIC STATE Islamic terrorism Muslim persecution of Christians

Egypt: Christian Copts fear Islamic (nazi) State has ‘killiing list’ with their names on it…….


They should be fearful, the Islamonazi IS has a long track record of carrying out what they promise…..


Egypt’s Christians fear the Islamic State has a ‘killing list’ and their names are on it

The men from the Islamic State (Isil) came to Nabila Fawzi Hanna’s door with guns and a list of names.


They arrived at around 11pm, just as the Christian family was falling asleep in their home in Arish, a coastal city in Egypt’s northern Sinai, and knocked loudly.


When Mrs Hanna’s son Medhat opened the door they shot him dead in the hallway. Then they pushed through to the main bedroom and executed her 65-year-old husband Saad as he lay in bed.

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