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Daniel Greenfield: Media Pretends Not to Know the Wiretapping of Trump They’re Using……..


This is a perfect example of how dreadfully biased and fraudulent the news media is.


They’re receiving illegal leaks of half baked information obtained illegally, and refuse to ask the necessary questions surrounding them, how they were ordered and obtained, and for what real purpose. Spreading classified information with the sole purpose harpooning the presidential aspirations of a political opponent is unprecedented in US history. That is the story, that is what the media is loathe to report on.


The official claim is that the wiretapping was a national security matter. But there’s a basic problem with spying on your opponents, then leaking the material to your media allies while pretending that you’re only recreating Watergate x 1000 because you’re such a patriot. The Watergate buggers thought they were patriots too. And the Democrats had more ties to the Russians than Trump did. 


Daniel Greenfield

It’s 2017 and the marketplace of ideas is so deeply degraded that even simple discussions become impossible.


And so the media simultaneously reports on the very eavesdropping of Trump and his people carried out under Obama. All the while insisting that Trump’s accusation of wiretapping is “unproven”, that Trump “offers no evidence” and that he traffics in conspiracy theories.


The wiretapping was widely reported by the very media that is now pretending to have no idea what is being discussed.


The only conspiracy theory on the table here is whether Obama and his people played any role in the spying. And considering the IRS being used to target Obama’s enemies, the filmmaker behind one Obama movie ending up in jail, the filmmaker behind another movie Obama didn’t like also ending up in jail, it’s not much of a reach.

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