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Israellycool: only 52.5% of Arabs polled identify themselves as ‘Palestinians’……


No surprise to me.

All of us know the reason why the overwhelming majority of so called ‘Palestinians’ don’t relate with their own state, it was a false concoction from the very beginning. They’re Arabs, mostly Muslim Arabs, they only use the ‘Palestinian’ moniker for outside consumption in their dirty terrorist war against the Jewish state of Israel.

New Poll Results: Only About Half of “Palestinians” Polled Identify As Such

The Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre, which was established in 1988 by a group of Palestinian journalists and researchers seeking to provide information on what was happening in what it calls the “occupied Palestinian territories”, has released a new poll. It is based on a random sample of 1199 people over the age of 18 interviewed face-to-face throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip between the 17th and 21st of February 2017.


There are some very interesting results. Very interesting.


Only a little over half define themselves as “Palestinian”


I think this is rather damning. While a majority (52.5%) define themselves as “Palestinian”, this is a rather low percentage considering how this identity has been rammed down the world’s throat for the last half century. 21.7% identify as “Muslim”, 5.3% as “Arab”, 8.2% as “Other definition” and 4.5% did not know!


More here.

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