Finland: Immigration chief says asylum rejections are fair, staff is competent……..


If Migri is being unfair, they’re unfair towards the civil society of Finland…

They’re allowing total frauds to stay in the country, many of whom will choose to live off the system at the taxpayer’s expense,  more could have been done for them, and others, if they stayed near the region of conflict.

Migri chief: Asylum rejections are fair, staff is competent

The head of the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) has defended her agency and denied that asylum application rejections issued by the service were unfair, saying that her staff is competent.


During an interview on Yle’s A-studio news programme on Wednesday, Director General of the Finnish Immigration Service, Jaana Vuorio, denied accusations that her agency had unfairly rejected asylum applications or that her staff was incompetent.


“We really focused on developing our decision-making process last autumn,” said Vuorio, adding that her staff is highly trained and competent, pointing to an EU-financed quality assurance report.


“We monitor legal issues and quality levels of asylum assessments, throughout the application process and we carefully analyse all of the cases that are sent back from administrative court,” she said.


Vuorio did however acknowledge there were difficulties at Migri a year ago when the agency was faced with the recruitment of staff in order to process a sudden influx of some 35,000 asylum applications.


“Although some errors may have taken place at the time, the situation has clearly improved since then,” she said.


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