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Netherlands: Fearful homosexual pleads with PM for protection against Muslims…….


This is what happens when your society devotes itself to identity driven politics, group rights, instead of focusing on the individual. Watch out those of you who identity with this or that group, your number is up sooner or latter as another group replaces you.


By Vincent van den Born

For the upcoming elections in the Netherlands, broadcaster RTL Nieuws made a series of video messages addressed to the future Prime Minister, called Dear Prime Minister. One of the messages was made by 36-year-old Patrick, who tells us about his daily life and his fears for tomorrow:

Dear Prime-Minister,

Allowing different cultures into the Netherlands is fine, but not at our own expense. I am openly gay, and I sense that this is an issue in the Netherlands.

I have had nasty experiences in this neighbourhood. Those experiences amount to discrimination, verbal abuse and getting beaten up twice.

To a large degree, this is caused by integration and immigration. Islam is quite intolerant towards homosexuals. You really sense this when you live in a multicultural neighbourhood. In regard to this matter, integration has clearly failed. 

I hear and read that teachers are no longer able to openly teach about homosexuality and the holocaust in their classrooms, because of a certain ideology Islam adheres to. This makes me wonder: are we still in control of our own country?

Especially as a homosexual man, this applies to me. Will I still be able to be openly gay? Or do I have to go back in the closet? And that is something I’m really worried about.

Dear Prime-Minister, will you defend Dutch tolerance and values?”


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