Finland: Vocational schools ready to ax their standards, to lower language requirements for Muslim settlers…….


Yeah, the actual headline and article talks about ‘immigrants’, but what’s in question are fraudulent Muslim settlers who took advantage of the refugee crisis in Syria and streamed here from far away places like Afghanistan and areas in Iran.

The political self anointed elites in southern Finland had some years ago lowered the bar for Swedish skills requirements for public workers in order to allow an easier admittance of non-native Finns. The Swedish speakers in Finland are one of the biggest champions of mass immigration, and then sit on their thumbs while their highly vaunted second language status takes a serious hit. Stupid they are.

USU: Vocational schools ready to facilitate the language requirements for immigrants


Vocational willingness to relax the requirements for language skills of immigrants, but the deletion of the requirement may not be fully supported, tells Uutissuomalainen (Finnish News).


Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture appointed a steering group has suggested that immigrants no longer have to pass a language test in order to obtain general vocational studies.


Jyväskylä Vocational Institute of Training Auli Mäkinen welcomes the fact that the transition of immigrants will be further streamlined.


– But I’m afraid that without the language skills for the transition to vocational training, it’s not a smooth transition for the person in question, she said to Uutissuomalainen.


Mäkinen is responsible for preparatory vocational education for Valma-education and Oksanen adult basic education.


– If an immigrant does not have the language skills and they will be directed to vocational training, support measures should be really massive, because the language is a tool for learning. But especially in a situation where there are nationwide cut in Vocational Education and Training, there is no chance for huge amounts of assistance, he says.



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