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Dutch Corruption scandal with Ballast Nedam and Saudi Royals including Al-Waleed bin Talal……..


Chicken or the egg…..?

Huge Dutch Corruption of Saudi Royals

The Dutch fiscal inspection agency (FIOD) has strong indications that the top Saudi royals have been paid bribes by the Dutch construction company, Ballast Nedam.


In the illegal books kept by the company in addition to its official ones, it now seems that half a billion Euro bribes were paid to Saudi kings and other high placed Saudis.  The two kings, Fahd and Abdullah, appeared in the illegal books under pseudonyms, Bassie and Adriaan.


A large part of the bribes apparently have been pocketed by the Saudi prince, Al-Waleed bin Talal.  In 2003, the prince received a Dutch award for the role he played in the economic relations between the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.




“Ballast Nedam helped Saudi royal family with self-enrichment ‘

The FIOD has strong indications that the top of the Saudi royal family was involved in a bribery affair Ballast Nedam. The kings Fahd and Abdullah are both mentioned in the parallel accounts of the Dutch construction company.


This is clear from the documentary “Concerning Saudi Arabia,” which HUMAN broadcasting tonight at 21:00 on NPO 2. It was already known that Ballast Nedam these kickbacks case in 2012, arranged for 17.5 million euros. But out pieces that realized documentary Jacco Versluis, numerous new details emerge.

Bassie and Adriaan


The kings Fahd and Abdullah, both now deceased, had aliases Ballast Nedam: Bassie & Adriaan. According to the FIOD received two brothers bribes, whether they were about to get on the nomination. A total of Ballast Nedam would be at least half a billion dollars bribes paid to members of the Saudi royal family and other senior Saudis.

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