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Twisted: Belgium official in leaked email defends ‘Paleostinian’ he helped convict for hate speech ……..


I’m on record of being against ‘hate speech laws’, they’re entirely counterproductive and go against the grain of liberty. That said, if therey’re going to be consistent, like the banning of Mein Kampf (which is why Geert Wilders called for the banning of the koran as well), then they have to go after people regardless of who they are, with equal determination.


But as I have proven time and again, in a society devoted to group rights and identity politics (which the cult of multiculturalism needs to thrive), the political self anointed elite pick and choose who they’re going to bestow special status. One day you’re in, the next day you’re left out in the cold. So to with Jews in Europe.


NOTE: It’s a hard lesson to learn, but as a minority, you’re safer within a society that focuses on individual rights, not on group rights. Hyphenated citizens are not conducive to a healthy social fabric.


Belgian official defends Arab who calls to ‘slaughter Jews’

Belgian anti-racism official defends Palestinian he helped convict for hate speech.


Jews from Belgium’s Flemish Region said they “lost all confidence” in the country’s anti-racism authority over its lawyer’s defense of a Palestinian-Arab man whom the lawyer helped convict for hate speech over calls to slaughter Jews.

The unusual rebuke Thursday by the Forum of Jewish Organization of Flanders came after the Jewish weekly Joods Actueel published a leaked email written by Johan Otte, a judicial expert of the Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities, or UNIA, condemning Tuesday’s conviction for incitement to violence by a criminal tribunal in Antwerp. In 2014, the man shouted anti-Semitic slogans during a protest rally in that city.

The Belgian Palestinian, according to the media in Belgium, was given a six-month suspended sentence. Two co-defendants were acquitted.

Otte’s rebuke called the sentence “distorted justice instead of true justice,” even though UNIA was one of two complainants who had initiated the trial.


The other party was the Flemish Jewish forum.

“The email clearly illustrates that UNIA’s sympathy lies with the perpetrator over his would-be victims,” the Jewish group wrote in its statement.


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