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Netherlands: Muslim brothers fired from special police security service for fraud of millions…….


The rabbit hole goes deeper than originally thought in the Geert Wilders security team scandal

More problems at DBB Police Security Service

Much attention has been given to the suspension of DBB police security service agent Faris and the information that his brother had been fired from the police after leaking very confidential police data. From the same special service the brothers Omar and Abdenouar M. were fired because of fraud. Now it has become known that they were involved in a major whitewash scandal concerning criminal funds.


Brothers central in fraud of millions 

AMSTERDAM – The two brothers who have been thrown out of the Safety and Security Department (DBB) in 2015 because they were suspected of fraud, they were the focus of a money laundering investigation. According to the prosecutor two million was definitely laundered via Curaçao. And that was criminal money.

It was a “loan backing construction”, said Omar M. El and Abdenouar, two of the brothers that were involved.

The four brothers from Almere, Utrecht, Hoofddorp Alkmaar and bought homes that were paid with money that was transferred from foreign accounts.


Then the brothers on paper offered a mortgage with an investment from Curaçao. Which was, according to the investigation service FIOD, the eldest brother, a 48-year-old man from Almere. This man and his wife certainly possessed two million in bank accounts and property abroad.




It is striking that more family members of the brothers were arrested.  Members of the family of Mr. El who has slaughterhouses in Breukelen. There were raided in 2016 due to large-scale fraud involving meat. One of the brothers in Curaçao study is also suspected in this case. So the screening in the DBB seemed to have failed. The three DBB members can never be hired here again.


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