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UK: Headmaster under fire by Islam 101 parents pushing for ‘Muslim values’ in school…….


In other words, they’re in much agreement with the value systems of the Islamic (nazi) State and Saudi Arabia.

The council’s report criticised Ashraf and his wife’s behaviour as “extremely problematic”. It said: “The view of local authority officers who were involved at the time is that Mr Ashraf and Ms Zaman were seeking to secure changes at the school to reflect their interpretation of Islam and were behaving in a way which harassed and sought to intimidate school staff and to undermine the head teacher.”

Head teacher targeted by death threats

A campaign of intimidation is being run by parents pushing for conservative Muslim values, writes Andrew Gilligan

When Trish O’Donnell took the headship of Clarksfield Primary School — a vast Edwardian building rising amid the rooftops of east Oldham — one council officer told her that she had inherited the town’s “poisoned chalice”. That was, if anything, an understatement.


According to Ofsted, O’Donnell rose to the challenge of educating her almost entirely British-Pakistani pupils, many of whom were “at an early stage of learning to speak English” and so started school with “skill levels well below those typical for their age”.


By the end of their time at Clarksfield the same children’s attainment had “risen sharply”, taking them to the UK average. There were outings to football matches and celebrations of the Queen’s birthday. The school is now graded “good” and inspectors praised “strong leadership that motivates staff and pupils t o do their best”.


For a vociferous group of parents and local campaigners, it is not good enough. They say they are trying to improve a “failing” institution and open its sports facilities to the community. O’Donnell claims they are part of a new “Trojan Horse” plot to impose conservative Islamic values and drive her out.


Whoever is right it led — according to an official council report obtained by The Sunday Times — to an extraordinary and lengthy campaign involving “harassment and intimidation” and, in the case of one parent, even violence.


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