Iraqi PM announces final push on Islamic (nazi) State in Mosul…….


Wipe out these cockroaches…..

ISIS under fire after Iraqi forces announce plans to DESTROY cult in Mosul

ISLAMIC State jihadi’s face another brutal showdown after Iraq’s prime minister announced the country’s military will launch an offensive to retake western Mosul from the twisted terror cult.

ISIS snatched the city of Mosul from Iraqi forces in 2014 but have come under increased pressure since October last year.


Haider al-Abadi said: “The prime minister announced the launch of liberation operations on the western side of Mosul.”


Iraqi forces reclaimed the eastern part of the city last month after a series of brutal battles.


Iraq’s defence ministry deployed air jets to drop millions of leaflets across western Mosul to warn residents of the imminent vicious battle against ISIS.


According to the defence ministry, the leaflets read: “Your armed forces… are advancing in the direction of the right side, relying on God.


“Get ready to welcome the sons of your armed forces and to cooperate with them, as your brothers on the left side have done, in order to reduce losses and speed up the conclusion” of the battle.”


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  1. The Iraqis have been in a stalemate for months. It appears ISIS fighting back has put a wrench in the conquest thingy. On the plus side, some Muslims are dying everyday. So long as one breed or another are dying in numbers it is good for broader humanity.

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