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Sweden satire continues: SDP government migrant minuscule labor changes vehemently opposed by Greens……


No changes on anything, full steam ahead till the country finally falls off the face of the map……

Sweden’s Social Democrats to propose limits on migrant labour

Sweden’s governing Social Democrats want to make it more difficult for low-paid jobs in the country to be offered to migrant labour from outside of the EU, with the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) backing the proposal. But coalition government partners the Greens disagree.

In 2016 around 3,900 work permits were granted in Sweden for jobs which required no more than a short induction or period of training. A large proportion was in low-skilled agricultural work like berry-picking.


Backed by LO, the Social Democrat leadership now plans on proposing restrictions in the area at its next party conference.


“There are unemployed people in our country who could take these jobs, which don’t require higher education or high levels of qualification. It is reasonable that they should get these jobs first,” Social Democrat PM Stefan Löfven told Swedish news agency TT.


Sweden’s current rules for migrant labour were put in place by the previous centre-right Alliance government, and were backed at the time by the Greens, who are now in coalition government with the Social Democrats.


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