Satire Sweden: FM Margot Wallström to name envoy to push imaginary ‘peace process’ between Pali Islamonazis and Israel…….


Meanwhile  President Trump has stated that there is no longer a ‘two state solution’, which pretty much puts the nails into the coffin of a Pali state.

Please do take note, that these same Swedish goofballs who insist time and again that Israel sit down with blood thirsty Islamonazis to negotiate a political settlement, are completely unwilling to sit down with the democratically elected Sweden Democrats.

Sweden to name special envoy to Israel-Palestine peace process

Sweden to name special envoy to Israel-Palestine peace process

Sweden is to appoint a special envoy to the Israel-Palestine peace process, Foreign Minister Margot Wallström is expected to announce when she presents her foreign policy vision in parliament today.

Wallström will present the ruling centre-left Social Democrat-Green coalition government’s foreign policy declaration for the year ahead in parliament on Wednesday morning, an annual tradition.


One of the key points, reports Swedish public radio which has seen the declaration, is that the government will appoint a diplomat to work full-time on the Israel-Palestine conflict. The special envoy is to establish contacts and represent Sweden in international talks about the conflict.


Sweden’s relationship with Israel has been increasingly frosty in the past few years. In 2014 it recognized Palestine as a state, and Israeli officials have routinely refused to meet Wallström after she called for investigations into “extrajudicial” killings of Palestinian assailants by Israeli forces.


Wallström will also address Britain’s decision to leave the EU in her speech, saying that Sweden will act according to what best serves Swedish and European interests once Brexit negotiations start.


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