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Swedish PM says don’t worry, he ‘brought up human rights’ with Islamonazi regime during state visit……


Oh that really hit them square between the eyes now didn’t it….?

This is pure sophistry. He really does think his fellow countrymen are that stupid.  This is but a fig leaf for his business wheeling and dealing with the Islamonazi regime, pure and simple. Only his most hardened of sycophants would conclude otherwise.

Löfven brings up human rights on Iran visit

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven says he discussed human rights with Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani during an official visit to Tehran.

Following a meeting with Rouhani, Löfven told reporters that improved trade with Iran would be beneficial for the country’s development and people, as well as for Swedish business.
“It will create jobs in Sweden,” said Löfven to Swedish reporters.
The PM also said that he had raised the issue of human rights, though he declined to comment on the exact nature of their discussion.
“We raised the issues that are relevant,” said Löfven.
These issues include the situation of Swedish residency holder Ahmadreza Djalali, who is currently under arrest in Tehran and faces possible execution.
At a joint press conference earlier today, where no questions from journalists were allowed, Rouhani thanked Löfven for accepting the invitation to visit Iran.
“We have broadened our dialogue on regional issues as well as human rights. We have discussed the situation in Syria and Iraq, and Iran’s relationship with other regional powers, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia,” said Löfven.
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