Islam in Swtizerland MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

Switzerland: Moroccan tried for rape of teenager on board train……


Cultural enrichment found at every corner, bus stop and train station…..


A Moroccan tried for the rape of a teen in a regional train

Justice. Faced with the Lausanne Court on Thursday, the accused claimed that the student consented. But the important evidence points to an extremely violent crime.

He starts by multiplying the versions about his date of birth and even his name. He promises, he swears, that he is innocent of the rape of which he is accused. Still he admitted to being a thief of wallets and telephones, because the money paid to him by the state as an asylum seeker is not enough to eat and buy his daily dose of cannabis. The picture is not brilliant, but it does not yet make this young illiterate, brilliantly mastering the whimpering look, a rapist. At the Tribunal, prejudice must be swept aside to leave room for the facts.

And on Thursday, the facts for which this Moroccan of 19 years, 20 years or 22 years, was sent before the District Court of Lausanne, were very serious. So much so that the court decided to convene a criminal court of five judges in the event of a sentence that would exceed six years in prison.

Rare for rape.

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