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Dutch PVV leader Geert Wilders: Islam possibily more dangerous than Nazism……


In terms of destruction to Western liberal values and way of life, yes.

The obvious difference however is that they allow existence as 3rd class people and offer a way out of death through conversion, the Nazis offered neither for the Jews. So yes, Islam could be argues as being possibly more dangerous than Nazism, but solely because its more difficult to get people to rally against as it eats at society from within. The end results are the same however, the extinguishing of liberty and freedom.

Wilders: Islam possibly more Dangerous than Nazism

PVV leader Geert Wilders has called the Islam ideology possibly more dangerous than Nazism.
Wilders said that he wants to close all mosques because he sees the Koran as violent.
He remarked “This is a book in which far more antisemitism is written than in Mein Kampf.
It is full with calls for violence.”
Wilders explained why he wanted to close all mosques: “If we were to allow Nazi temples in the Netherlands the world would be shocked.
Islam does not belong to our country.”

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