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Dutch liberal MP: Western Europe is becoming Eurabia…….

She took the words right out of Bat Ye’or’s mouth who named her book ”Eurabia’‘ from an actual EEC/EU report.

Liberal Parliamentarian: Western Europe is becoming Eurabia

Outgoing liberal parliamentarian Ybeltje Berckmoes said that Western Europe is becoming a kind of Eurabia.

She considers Islam a violent religion.

In a radiointerview she proposed that the borders be closed for young people from the Middle East.

Berckmoes added that the differences in religion and culture compared to the Netherlands are too big.

Therefore young immigrants will only get frustrated.

Liberal faction leader Halbe Zijlstra commented that Berckmoes lacks political feeling.


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  1. “Liberal parliamentarian” ? Has “Big Brother’s” software been caught napping ? I thought that anyone who dared refer to mass muslim immigration without saying how marvellous it is, and how we all need much, much more of it, was automatically re-designated “right-wing” / “far-right” / “extreme-right” or – as in the case of poor Milo Yiannopoulos who simply expected to be able to address an audience at an academic institution without finding himself in the middle of riots, fires, smashed windows, and crazed fascist-Left professors calling for violence and physically attacking their own students for failing to follow the Party line – “Ultra right-wing” (BBC Radio 4 news report.)

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