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Sexual pervert Mohamed dreamed of deflowering the mother of Jesus in his brothel in the sky…….


That is what the Islamic heaven is, nothing more than a brothel full of debauchery and drunkenness. In many ways it bears resemblance to the Vikings’ Valhalla minus the eternal fighting.


The Muslim prophet claimed he’d deflower the Christian virgin in heaven.

Raymond Ibrahim

At a time when Western people are constantly warned to speak respectfully of Muhammad, or else offended Muslims might respond with violence—to the shame and blame of those who exercise their freedom of expression—consider what Muslims regularly say about the things non-Muslims hold dear.
Recently during his televised Arabic-language program, Dr. Salem Abdul Galil—previously deputy minister of Egypt’s religious endowments for preaching—gleefully declared that, among other biblical women (Moses’ sister and Pharaoh’s wife), “our prophet Muhammad—prayers and peace be upon him—will be married to Mary the Virgin in paradise.”  (Note: the Arabic word for “marriage” denotes “legal sexual relations” and is devoid of Western, “romantic,” or Platonic connotations.)
Where did Galil—this governmental official who also holds that Muslims can wear the hated crucifix to deceive Christians—get this idea?  As usual, from Muhammad himself.   In a hadith that was deemed reliable enough to be included in the renowned Ibn Kathir’s corpus, Muhammad declared that “Allah will wed me in paradise to Mary, Daughter of Imran” (whom Muslims identify with Jesus’ mother).
If few modern Christians are aware of this Islamic claim, medieval Christians living in Muslim-occupied nations were not.  There, Muslims regularly threw this fantasy in the face of Catholic and Orthodox Christians who venerated Mary as the “Eternal Virgin.”
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