media Sweden Whining Bastards

Swedish State broadcaster (SRT) and correspondent upset TT used their picture……


The shock, the horror of it all….!

This type of nitpicking in the modern age of social media and the internet is, well, frivolous. Just think of every time you retweet a picture you’ve been forwarded on Twitter, Facebook etc. etc. My point being, there’s no financial aspect to my having used that pic (now deleted), and who knows just how many people I directed to their puny little site of a news outlet in the process.

I probably made her more internationally famous now, than she has ever been in the past. Pure pettiness. If they spent more time on actual issues of importance (their country is going to the crapper, she’s stationed in Malmö!) than on this, they’d be far better off than they are now.


Glad to know that Bubenko and the Swedish SRT are reading my website, they might eventually learn something if they shed just a modicum of their arrogance and staunch ideology.

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