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#GardenofSweden : Celebrated Malmö school now walled in, violence a daily feature…….




Criminals trying to recruit students. Brawls between different ethnic groups. Drug dealing. Welcome to the prestigious Värnhem School in central Mälmo. Swedish newspaper Expressen paints a stark picture of the school confronted with so many trouble and problems, it had to install fences and hire security personnel. Still the situation got so out of hand the school had to close down for two days after large, running battles within the school, a week before its students were to serve at the Nobel Prize dinner.

Friday, 18 November 2016. A young man gets irritated when some guys of different nationalities looked at his girl the wrong way. He confronts them and a fight erupts between newly arrived students from the Middle East and Afghanistan. Their relationship with the school has long been tense, and now, from all corners of the school, more rush up the stairs, into the cafeteria to take part in the fighting.

The fighting spreads, spilling out into the streets around the school. There, a student is beaten up so severely by multiple people, an ambulance has to take him to hospital. Three times the fighting flairs up again. At the end of the afternoon, the school’s administration, after consultation with the police, decides to close the school completely. Almost two thousand students are sent home. The Board of Education takes it a step further. Värnhem will be closed on Monday as well and the teachers have to regain control in order to ensure the students safety. A decision is made to hire guards.

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