Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands Islam in the Netherlands Islamic anti-Semitism

Netherlands: Turk party DENK engages in Islamic Jew hatred against Labor Party Muslim MP’s…….


I’m surprised they didn’t couch their words in the usual anti-Jewish buzzword of ‘Zionists’….

That’s how the Muslims (and their Leftist lackeys) usually engage in anti-Jewish rhetoric when they don’t want to be caught and fined for antisemitism.

NOTE: The Islamonazi on the far right was the same DENK MP who refused to touch the hand of PM of the state of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu…..

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Labor Parliamentarian Accuses Denk Party of Antisemitism

Labor parliamentarian, Ahmed Marcouch, has said that the Turkish Moroccan party, DENK, uses antisemitic campaign texts against him.

In a text accompanying a video, he and another Muslim parliamentarian of the Labor Party, Mohammed Mohandis, were called “Moroccan Jews of the Labor Party” (PvdA). They were called “traitors of our community.”



Marcouch (PvdA) DENK accused of ‘anti-Semitism’

A riot on Twitter erupted between the new political movement DENK (THINK) and Labour MP Ahmed Marcouch. The politician accuses DENK of having used anti-Semitic campaign texts, while DENK speaks of “libel and slander”.

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