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Lady Submission changed into Lady Liberty…….


The most important thing to remember is that it was changed into a woman in roman garb representing liberty, bare armed and majestic……

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Given a few more years/decades under Obama-like misrule, Lady Liberty would have in fact reverted back to the original concept:


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Islamic Lady Liberty? America’s Statue of Liberty ‘was modelled after Arab Muslim woman’

ONE of the world’s greatest symbols of American freedom was reportedly born as an Egyptian Muslim woman covered in a veil.


The Statue of Liberty could have been an Arab woman dressed in Muslim garments, according to historians.

The surprise discovery comes after Donald Trump’s policies surrounding Muslim-majority countries and immigration crackdowns.

His ban on seven countries has run into controversy after being represented as a ‘Muslim ban’.

However, researchers believe New York’s iconic monument, which greeted migrants to the country in the 20th century, was meant to be a Muslim woman holding a torch aloft.

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