Finland Lefty Morons MUSLIM SETTLERS

YLE celebrates activists celebrating town acceptance of fraud asylum seeking Muslim settlers……

Noormuhammad Noori, a resident of the Kyyjärvi asylum seeker reception centre, stands with social services director Päivi Peltokangas and the centre’s director Terttu Niskanen. Image: Sanna Savela / Yle


Don’t forget, it’s ‘boon’ for the city (read = taxpayer funded fake jobs that do not add wealth to society)…..

With over 2/3 of these frauds not able to fully fool the immigration service, activist maroons celebrate themselves (along with the fake media) for getting the remainder through, as well as those yet to be processed (out). They really believe that what they’re doing is actually something worthwhile, though the opposite is the case.

There is no moral imperative to import people from traditionally intolerant lands into your own country, especially when the overwhelming majority of them are Jew haters and presupposed to other bigotries now shunned by the West. This is not about banning Muslims but about banning people who hold highly intolerant views, realizing that residency does not automatically translate into Western held views. Most will reject them.

Central Finland town recognised for embracing asylum seekers

The Finnish town of Kyyjärvi was awarded two prizes late last year for championing its local asylum seekers. The human rights organization Amnesty and the pacifist group Sadankomitea both recognised the ability of the townspeople to turn initial reluctance about an asylum centre reception centre into staunch defence of its continuance, when authorities moved to shut it down. The town has arranged a festival on Sunday to celebrate its achievements.

The 1,400-resident town of Kyyjärvi is located between the western coastal city of Vaasa and Kuopio in Central Finland. On Sunday, its residents will come together in the Kotikylä Park at 4 pm for a festival, as the town celebrates being honoured with two separate human rights prizes late last year.

Interior Minister Paula Risikko and local MP Aila Paloniemi will be the featured speakers.

Mayor Eero Ylitalo says his town has only done what we should all do for each other.

“I’ve often wondered when people talk about the ‘Kyyjärvi miracle’, why some people see it that way. I’ve asked myself: is it really a miracle that we treat the people we care about as we ourselves would want to be treated?” he says.

In December 2016, Kyyjärvi received awards from both the Finnish branch of the human rights organisation Amnesty International and the Finnish pacifist group Sadankomitea, known as the Committee of 100 in English. Both groups recognised the town for its positive attitude towards the asylum seekers placed in its local reception centre.


Local activism to keep asylum seekers


Kyyjärvi was in the news often in 2016, when initial opposition to news that an asylum seeker reception centre would be established in the city quickly changed into support for the people placed there.

In September 2016, the Finnish Immigration Service reported that a decision to close down the facility had caused residents of the municipality to react strongly, demanding that the decision be reversed.

Locals argued that many of the asylum seekers had already started to settle in Kyyjärvi, due to active volunteer work and employment opportunities offered by local businesses. A delegation from the town even took their cause all the way to the Interior Ministry.

More here.

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