Sebastian Gorka on ungrateful Europe: “America is a threat claim is asinine, not worthy of discussion…….”

The Euro elitists can kiss America’s collective ass.

The only reason why Europe has been able to experiment with its socialist based welfare states, (including Finland) is because the US taxpayer has funded their defense throughout the Cold War and afterwards. How dare they talk smack today. Pay your fair share goofballs and shut your damned mouths, enough US blood and wealth has been spent on your behalves already.

Trump’s deputy blasts ungrateful EU as they came to the ‘salvation of Europe’ during wars

DONALD TRUMP’S Deputy Assistant has slammed the European Union as the US is now seen as a threat to Brussels along with Russia, China and terrorism.


The Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump described the comments that ‘America is a threat’, from the European Union as “asinine”.

Dr Sebastian Gorka, who assumed office on January 20, argued that it was ridiculous that the US was seen as a threat after all they have done for Europe.

Some EU leaders have suggested that President Trump was a threat to the European Union as he undermined the Brussels bloc.

Guy Verhofstadt, the former Belgian Prime Minister and lead Brexit negotiator for the European Parliament, said: “I have just come back from US and my view is that we have a third front that is undermining the EU and that is Donald Trump.”

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