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US Defense Secretary says no extra forces needed in Persian Gulf area…….


Mattis knows the number of his troops, and how to best implement them…..

Defense Secretary Mattis: No extra forces needed in Persian Gulf region

 Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Saturday that there is no need for extra United States military forces in the Persian Gulf region — despite the threat of terrorism from Iran.

“I do not see any need to increase the number of forces we have in the Middle East at this time,” Mattis said at a news conference in Tokyo.

The comments from Mattis — who was making his first foreign trip as defense secretary to Japan and South Korea — come after President Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn said the U.S was putting Iran “on notice.”

Following a recent missile test, the Trump administration imposed new economic sanctions against 25 Iranians and companies. However, no additional military steps have been announced.


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