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Canada: Liberal MP ‘not aware he was posing with an Islamonazi awaiting deportation…….


He’s just shocked, just shocked he’ll tell you…..


Liberal MP ‘was not aware’ man he posed with is being deported for role in terror group

TORONTO — A Liberal MP said he had no idea he had posed at an event Friday beside a man the Canadian government is deporting for being a former member of a terrorist organization.

Photos posted on the Facebook and Twitter pages of Michael Levitt, the Member of Parliament for York Centre, showed the politician outside the Imdadul Islamic Centre with Jason Pippin.

The Immigration and Refugee Board ordered Pippin’s deportation last July, ruling he had been a “fully committed” member of the Pakistani terrorist group Lashkar-e-Tayiba in 1996 and ‘97.

The encounter took place at one of several “ring of peace” events in the city. Jews and Christians surrounded the highly-regarded Islamic centre in a show of support for the Muslim community following Sunday’s deadly attack at a Quebec City mosque.

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