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Austria: Islamonazi jihadi planned to bomb Ramstein air base…….


Sounds like a convert to Islam………

Austrian terror suspect ‘planned to bomb Ramstein Air Base’

A 17-year-old suspected Islamic extremist who was arrested in Vienna planned to set off a pipe bomb near Ramstein Air Base in Germany but changed his mind because he didn’t want to “kill so many people,” according to a report in the weekly newspaper Falter.

The teenager, identified only as Lorenz K., reportedly told police of the plan after he was arrested in Vienna on January 20th.

Falter said it had obtained a transcript of the youth’s questioning. Austria’s Interior Ministry and German police have refused to comment on the report.

According to Falter Lorenz K. told police he planned to place the bomb under a rubbish bin near Ramstein, the largest US air base overseas, in December.

“That is what I planned to do. But I did not have the heart to do it,” he was quoted as saying. “I could not … really kill so many people.”

Austrian authorities arrested Lorenz K. after receiving intelligence that he may have been planning a bomb attack in Vienna. The next day a 21-year-old man was arrested in the western German city of Neuss. Media reports said that he and Lorenz K. had experimented together with making explosives in Germany.

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