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Italy: Muslim leaders sign ‘anti-extremism’ pact…….


The probably signed it in disappearing ink……

Not good enough, the stealth jihad is as dangerous as the violent one. Besides, we all know about the Islamic concept of the hudna, making a temporary treaty with the enemy until a future date when they believe that they have the upper hand. Look at their signing of an ‘anti-extremism pact’ in that light. Here’s something that they can sign, which will shed far more light on their true motives than anything else, Sam Solomon’s “A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding“, then we can talk.

Italian Muslims sign anti-extremism pact

Italian Muslims sign anti-extremism pact
A group of Muslim men outside Rome’s Colosseum. Photo: Gabriel Buoys/AFP
Italy’s Muslim community signed a pact with the government on Wednesday pledging to “reject all forms of violence and terrorism”, with prayers in mosques to be held in Italian.

“It’s a very important document which concerns the present and future of our country through inter-religious dialogue, starting from a basic principle: We may have different religions… but we are all Italian,” said Interior Minister Marco Minniti.

He added: “One of the essential points is that all the signatories have committed to reject all forms of violence and terrorism.”

Only a handful of Italian residents are known to have joined jihadist groups abroad and the country is not seen as having a significant problem with homegrown Islamist militancy.

But the case of suspected Berlin truck bomber Anis Amri, believed to have radicalized in a Sicilian jail, focused attention on the issue in December.


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