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Sweden: Volvo criticized for making armored buses that keep Jews safe…….


So what if they made three busses used to transport highly dangeroous Islamonazis?

It’s obvious that they couldn’t care less about Islamonazis being captured and kept out of the general society, so by default, they can’t be against the carnage they would cause if they escaped or were turned loose.

The chairman of Sweden’s parliamentary committee on foreign affairs has criticized the company’s activities in the region however.
“Clearly I’m disappointed that Volvo is part of and in practise supports a violation of international law,” Kenneth G Forslund told TV4.

Volvo criticized for West Bank armoured buses

Volvo criticized for West Bank armoured buses

A file photo of a Volvo factory in Säffle, Sweden. Photo: Linn Malmén/TT


Swedish bus maker Volvo has been criticized for its activities in the occupied West Bank, where armoured versions of its buses operate between settlements.

The chassis of the vehicles are constructed by Volvo in Borås, Sweden then important by Mayer cars and trucks to Israel. The rest of the vehicle is then built on the chassis by bus manufacturer Merkavim, a company Volvo part-owns.

Volvo has an agreement with Mayer cars and trucks that the buses should not be used for prisoner transport, but three buses for that use were nonetheless produced in 2015, Swedish broadcaster TV4 reports.

“That’s not included in our product range. We’re going to get to the bottom of that, we don’t support it,” Volvo CEO Martin Lundstedt told news agency TT.

The auto maker explained that the vehicles built in Israel are supposed to be reinforced buses used for the transport of passengers like school children. It plans on continuing its partnerships in the area.

“We think the possibility of transporting people is an important part of a society. We are following the sanctions, laws and rules in order to make sure we conduct ourselves in the right way in different situations, not just in the Middle East, but also around the world. And again, this is about the transport of people, like for example school children,” Lundstedt said.

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