Islam in Denmark MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

Denmark: Reported rapes double in two years…….


Not a peep about Muslim settler involvement in the numbers……

So this is how they cover their tracks in how this crime statistic (which exploded right around the same time Muslim settlers arrived in hordes to the Nordic state) is now being reported. It’s not just increase in rapes reported, but “an increase in reported rapes”, as if all of a sudden the police found a magical solution to get people to open up about being raped, that any increase in the statistics is due to that, not to the increase of Muslim settlers. Bull crap.

Reported rapes in Denmark double in two years

A record 744 rapes were reported in Denmark last year, doubling the number of reports in 2014 according to figures from Statistics Denmark that were first reported by Metroxpress.
According to a consultant to the Danish National Police, the sharp increase is due in part to police districts better recording rape reports.
“We are very pleased that we now have more accurate numbers on how many men and women have reported rapes. Previously there were many cases that were treated under the category of ‘investigation numbers’ that did not get included in the statistics of reported rapes,” Thomas Brædder told Metroxpress.
Last year it was reported that an investigation by the Ministry of Justice indicated that as many as 700 rape cases per year were being filed incorrectly by police.
The majority of the ‘missing’ reports were hidden in police statistics by giving them investigation numbers that did not classify them as rape cases. A number of police departments confirmed to Metroxpress that this was standard practice in cases where there was doubt as to whether a rape had actually occurred.
That practice was discontinued in November 2015, so the 2016 rape report figures from Statistics Denmark represent the first full year under the improved reporting.
But there are still concerns that the official figures only paint a partial picture. According to Metroxpress, a new study is underway to determine how many rapes go unreported in Denmark each year.


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