Iraq Islamic Barbarism Islamic brutality ISLAMIC STATE

Iraqi soldiers in brutal torture and execution of Islamic (nazi) State Islamonazis…….

The UN were left outraged after a video purportedly showed Iraqi troops executing ISIS fighters



I warned exactly about this once the fighting began in earnest to take back territory from the Islamonazis.


GRAPHIC CONTENT: Iraqi fighters TORTURE and EXECUTE three ISIS militants in horrific video

DISTURBING footage allegedly showing Iraqi fighters torturing and executing three ISIS jihadis has left the United Nations enraged.


The video, which has recently emerged online, purportedly shows three suspected terrorists being parading through the streets of Mosul, Iraq, with the UN describing the Iraqi fighters actions as “brutal mistreatment”.

One soldier holding a stick can be seen as he drags one victim across the ground by his foot, as the alleged terrorist pleads for mercy while being kicked by another soldier.


Another victim is seen receiving a beating while he is on the ground as gunshots can be heard in the background.

The man is then killed after being shot at point-blank range, the soldier proceeds to continue firing shots into his body and kicks his head after he is dead.

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