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US: Trump to build wall today, begins ban on people from dangerous (Muslim) areas…….

US President Donald Trump (above) is expected to sign several executive orders this week to jumpstart construction of a border fence and to restrict immigration from Syria and six other countries



After reversing as much of the damage caused by Obama’s ‘executive orders’ as possible, there needs to be a reassessment of the way they are used.

There’s simply way too much power transferred over to that branch of the government.

President Trump will start building Mexico border wall TODAY – and is set to BAN people from Syria and six other ‘dangerous’ Muslim countries from entering America with executive orders

President Donald Trump (pictured main) will begin rolling out executive actions on immigration Wednesday, beginning with steps to tighten border security – including his proposed wall along the US-Mexico border (top left).

The president is also expected to take action over the next few days to temporarily ban immigration from Muslim countries deemed a ‘threat to national security’. The president posted a tweet on Tuesday evening signaling that major announcements were in the offing.

‘Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow,’ Trump wrote (inset). ‘Among many other things, we will build the wall!’ The new Trump directives are expected to block all visas from Syria (bottom right), Iraq (top right), Iran (bottom left), Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

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