Swedish population reaches reaches ten million mark…….


Ten million number reached artificially, and to their own undoing……

Sweden’s population reaches historic ten million milestone

Sweden's population reaches historic ten million milestone
One Swede, two Swedes… ten million Swedes. Photo: Christine Olsson/TT
The population of Sweden now for the first time in history exceeds ten million people.

Statistics Sweden confirmed at 7.47am on Friday that the population of Sweden has hit the ten-million mark. It is impossible to know exactly when it happened or who the ten millionth person is, because of various delays when authorities report new births and new residents.

In 2010, Sweden was predicted to reach ten million in 2021, but the population has increased faster than expected. Between 2010 and 2015 the population grew by some four percent a year, behind only Luxembourg in the EU, and far above the EU’s average of one percent.

There are two reasons behind the increase: the birth rate and immigration.

“The main reason the population is increasing faster than what was thought a few years ago is because immigration was at an historic high and since then it has increased even more. Population prognoses normally expect that the immigration surplus will go down to the historic average level. That has however not happened yet,” Tomas Johansson, population analyst at Statistics Sweden, explained to The Local earlier this week.


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