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Austria: Islamonazi terrorist arrested prior to bombing attack……



The police and security forces just saved countless of lives that a member of the ideology of pieces sought to destroy….

Islamist terror suspect nabbed prior to bomb attack

Islamist terror suspect nabbed prior to bomb attack
Wolfgang Sobotka at the press conference. Photo: BMI, J.Makowecz
Austria’s interior minister said Friday that the authorities averted a potential “terror attack” in Vienna with the arrest by armed police of an 18-year-old suspected Islamist extremist.

“Our police forces managed in quick time to arrest a suspect and so prevent a potential terror attack in the federal capital Vienna,” Wolfgang Sobotka said shortly after police in the capital announced the arrest.

“The suspect is an Austrian citizen with a migrant background who is 18 years old,” Sobotka told a news conference. He said that possible indications that he may be an Islamic extremist were being looked into.

“There are individual indications (of extremism) that we have to investigate. There is one contact that is pretty clear and there are several indications that will be looked at intensively,” Sobotka said.

A police spokeswoman told AFP that signs had multiplied in “recent days” that there might be an attack in the city, which is popular with foreign tourists, and that security measures had been increased.


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