ISLAM IN THE USA Islam is deception

Women being encouraged to wear scarf symbol of intolerance at Trump inaugural……

The actress Kathy Najimy is encouraging protestors to wear scarves ‘hijab style’


Nothing says inclusiveness better than headgear reeking of intolerance and hatred……

Women urged to ‘wear head scarves, hijab style’ for ‘Muslim sisters’ at Trump inauguration

A US actress has urged women to wear scarves around their heads in a show of solidarity with Muslim women for Donald Trump’s historic inauguration day.


Kathy Najimy, best known for her roles in Sister Act and King of the Hill, encouraged women attending an anti-inauguration march in Washington to wear scarves around their heads in a “hijab style” to show support for their “Muslim Sisters”.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Najimy wrote: “We wanted to create an action: visible and easy — to proclaim our commitment to freedom of religion and to the constitution…religion or no religion.

“We intend to show that we stand with our about-to-be-disenfranchised Muslim Sisters, in solidarity.

“We support every woman’s right to worship as they wish and live in security and peace.

“Wherever you are in public on inauguration day, Jan 20th, please join The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves by wearing a scarf around your head, hijab style.”


More here.


A symbol of hatred wrapped in Old Glory….


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