Islamic terrorism Kosovo

Muslim conquered Kosovo: Seven Albanian Muslim terrorists sentenced for participation in Islamonazi groups in Syria…….

 FILE – A Kosovo-Albanian man stands in front of a banner during a protest with the slogan “Stop Terrorism” in Pristina, Kosovo, April 24, 2012. A court in Pristina on Thursday sentenced seven men convicted of terror charges.


Just a few decades ago they would have been doing the same in Kosovo against the Serbs.

The breakaway region of Kosovo was and still is, the birthplace of modern day Serbia, but that was all destroyed by the imperial powers of the EU and Clinton under Madeline Albright, who handed over territory to Albanian Muslim invaders.

Kosovo Sentences 7 for Ties to Terror Groups in Syria

A Kosovo court has sentenced seven Albanian citizens on charges of terror, participating in terror groups and recruiting for Islamic terror groups in Syria.

A statement Thursday from the court in the capital, Pristina, said the seven defendants, identified only by their initials, received prison sentences ranging from 2 to 4 years.

Online news site reports that some of them acknowledged having fought with anti-government forces in Syria, while others said they had gone to assist Syrian refugees in Turkey. A few expressed regret for going to Syria, the news site says.

A few hundred Albanians from Kosovo are believed to have joined Islamic extremist groups and about 70 reportedly are still active with the groups in Syria and Iraq.


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