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Finland: Shot fired at asylum center…….

Finnish authorities have to get the entire scenario under control, meaning getting rid of fraud refugees/asylum seekers, close the border to any more and keep a close watch on violent actors and end subservient behavior vis-a-vis Islam before this all metastasizes into something really really ugly.

Reception Centre in Kouvola shot at – police are looking for this car and person

Tuesday 01.17.2017 at 11.02

Police looking for information about Kouvola Kuusankoski incident in the accommodation center shooting

Police released surveillance camera image of a dark car and person who stepped out it at the accommodation center. (POLICE)

The emergency center was notified Tuesday morning, at night, that there had been a shot fired near the Kouvola Kuusankoski reception center. A dark station wagon had left the scene.

The window adjacent to the front door  of the reception center of had a hole. Outside, near the door a shell casing was found.

Police have investigated the surveillance camera recording, which indicates that the a person got out of the passenger side of a dark station wagon. A person is wearing a dark top and light-colored pants.

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