Italy: Somali Muslim settlers in violent protest storm government offices……


Had enough already, hmmm……?

Somali migrants try to STORM into Italian government office during violent protest

FURIOUS migrants clashed with police and staged chaotic protest in front of the local government’s office after a refugee died overnight in a fire.


Dozens of migrants staged a protest on Saturday outside local government offices after the death of a refugee, which they blame on authorities.

The violent skirmishes saw the migrants attempt to storm Florence’s local government prefecture building by force.

However, riot police held the migrants back while scuffles continued for several hours.

Police had to resort to a human barricade to stop protesters forcing their way into the prefecture.

After the migrants failed to break into the local government offices, they staged a sit-in.

They chanted ‘shame’ and showed banners reading it was the state’s fault that the migrant had died during an overnight fire.

Some protesters lay down in the road, bringing traffic to a halt while others tried to storm an art exhibition hall.


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