Islam in Germany Muslim persecution of Christians

Germany: Christian chapel defaced with Islamic slogans…….


(sarc/on) The usual suspects not being named nor sought after…… (sarc/off)

SICK vandals scrawl Islamic slogans on walls of Christian chapel in VILE attack

DEPRAVED vandals defaced a Christian centre by writing Islamic slogans over the walls, destroying glass planes and breaking down doors in a sick attack ahead of New Year’s eve.


Police in the German town of Brühl in the Rhein-Neckar district of Baden-Württemberg released a statement claiming the vandals had left the parish centre a “picture of devastation”.

The Christian centre was broken into on December 30 and police are now investigating the incident.

Details of the defacement come amid a spate of attacks on Christian sites in Germany and Austria over the New Year period.

In northern Austria, statues were beheaded and prayer books were burned when vandals broke into a chapel in the village of St Radegund on New Year’s Eve.

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