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Finland: Interior Minister says illegals remaining in the country are a security threat…….


And the jury isn’t out on the ones allowed to remain……

Risikko: Illegals in the country are a security threat

Interior Minister Paula Risikko (National Coalition) is very concerned about asylum seekers staying illegally in Finland. Finland is lagging behind in appropriate preparation, says Risikko to the HS on Saturday, in the series of guest articles.

Interior Minister Paula Risikko.
Interior Minister Paula Risikko. (PHOTO: JUHANI NIIRANEN / HS )

“I’M really worried, if we increase the number of illegals present in the country. I am very worried, because I know what may happen, “said Interior Minister Paula Risikko (National Coalition Party).

“When I talk to the police, there’s the other half of the coin shown, those living illegally in the country, for example in terms of crime. Being in the country illegally is a security threat. ”

This is in the lap now government’s, as of 2015, tens of thousands of asylum seekers entering the country, the application processes are starting to be decided on. Some of them may remain, but many over the past few months are beginning to get negative decisions by law officials.

If those who have received a negative decision stay in Finland and do not comply with Finland and the International Organisation for Migration’s (IOM) to organize a voluntary return to their home country, they are in the country illegally.

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