Islamic brutality ISLAMIC STATE Phillipines

Philippines: Abu Sayyaf Islamonazis release sick video of German captive standing over own grave…….


Depravity is what Mohamed and his more ardent followers are known for…..

ISIS fanatics release sick video of 70-year-old German captive standing in his OWN GRAVE

ISLAMIC State (ISIS) fanatics have released a clip supposedly showing an elderly German man standing over his own grave in their latest ransom video.


Followers of the barbaric Islamic State (ISIS) published a film reportedly showing a German man they captured in November.

The victim is said to have been snatched by Filipino Islamist rebels Abu Sayyaf off the coast of Philippines.

In the recently released video, the elderly man, thought to be 70, can be seen in an orange jumpsuit standing in a freshly dug grave.

Masked jihadis stand behind him holding assault rifles against the backdrop of the black ISIS flag and threaten the German government, saying: “To the German government: it seems that you are not paying attention to our demands.


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