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UK Sharia court handed out death sentence to children who refused their forced marriage…….


Do you really want to import this kind of crap into your own neighborhoods? Really?

A sinister British Sharia court and one girl’s tireless hunt for her father’s killer: How a brutal murder in Pakistan uncovered revenge killings in Lancashire

  • Author and journalist Martin Sixsmith is set to release his new book Ayesha’s Gift
  • Tells story of a British-Pakistani woman and her hunt to track down father’s killer 
  • Investigation led them to a Pakistani underworld of mafia and treacherous police
  • Interview with top gangster revealed troubling stories of Sharia courts in Britain 
Ayesha's Gift tells the story of a British-Pakistani woman and her hunt to track down father's killer (stock image)

Ayesha’s Gift tells the story of a British-Pakistani woman and her hunt to track down father’s killer (stock image)

The Muslim council of elders, or Sharia court, listened intently as the plaintiff outlined his case. He’d been disrespected by a neighbour, he told them, and in such a small Pakistani community, people talk.

As atonement for that disrespect, the neighbour had agreed to the plaintiff’s demand that their children would marry each other. But when the neighbour’s children objected to the idea, he reneged on that promise.

The plaintiff before the makeshift court was therefore demanding retribution.

The price for that broken promise was clear, he argued: his neighbour’s recalcitrant children had dishonoured him as well, and what’s more, they were consorting with white people.

As they were already promised to his own children, that constituted adultery: they should pay with their lives.

The council of elders deliberated, then issued their judgment.

He did, indeed, have the right to exact the death penalty on his neighbour’s children, the court ruled. It would be merciful if he would negotiate financial compensation in lieu of their death, but he was not obliged to do so.

If you think that sounds positively medieval, you’d be right. But this happened just a few years ago — not in Pakistan, but here in Britain, in a small town in Lancashire.

It was one of the most disturbing discoveries I made while researching my new book.

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  1. so pitty,Its not the religion who makes people disturbed,buth some people makes a disturbed religion for deaire only.

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