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UKIP’s Gerard Batten says British PM can’t be trusted to deliver Brexit…….


Kudos for holding her feet to the flame……

Theresa May is a dastardly bad mix, the few good things are majorly offset by the bad. I do not trust her with anything, she’ll say one thing publicly and then behind closed doors.

‘She CANNOT be trusted’ Ukip MEP slams Theresa May for ‘doing NOTHING’ to deliver Brexit

THERESA May “cannot be trusted” with triggering Article 50 as she has done “absolutely nothing” since June 23 to suggest she is taking Brexit seriously, Ukip MEP Gerard Batten has claimed.


Theresa May and Gerard Batten


Gerard Batten claimed Theresa May cannot be trusted with Brexit

Despite Britain voting to leave the EU more than six months ago, Mr Batten claims the former Home Secretary is trying to delay Brexit and try to keep the country in the EU through an agreement which is “nearly as bad as EU membership”.

In her first broadcast interview of the year, Theresa May told Sophy Ridge on Sky News there was no “muddled thinking” on her plans to leave the EU, yet the Prime Minister refused to clarify the Government’s position on immigration and the single market.

But talking exclusively to the, Mr Batten said: “What has she done since becoming Prime Minister? Absolutely nothing.

“She does not intend to do anything until March, and then we are going to have two years of torturous negotiations with people who don’t want to negotiate with us.

“I believe she is trying to delay, delay to try and arrive at a fudge where we don’t actually leave the EU at all where we get stuck with some kind of association agreement like Switzerland or Norway.”


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