Suicide Terrorism Syria Turkey

Two pop-tards caught on Turkish border with Syria……


Alternative headline: Two seriously brainwashed maroons denied their raisins by Turkish security forces.

Two suicide bombers caught on Turkey’s border with Syria

File photo.

File photo.

Five militants from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), including two alleged future suicide bombers, have been caught while trying to illegally cross the border from Syria to Turkey, Doğan News Agency reported on Jan. 7.

Turkish gendarmerie forces caught five people, who were trying to illegally enter into the Ceylanpınar district of the southern province of Şanlıurfa from the Rasulayn town in Syria.

During their testimonies, the five people were determined by the authorities to be members of the PKK and the PYD. Two of the five detained were determined to have received training in PKK camps in Rasulayn, which is under the control of the PYD, and were trying to cross into Turkey in order to conducted a suicide attack inside the country.


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