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More buffoonery: Muslim hijab wearing model insists “UK women embracing her look, sick of flashing their boobs”……

If they do, it’s of their own (stupid) volition, and without threats of acid being thrown in their faces or being stabbed to death in “honor” killings by family members.

This is the impact of Islamization.

British women are embracing ‘hijab chic’: Muslim headscarf-wearing H&M model claims UK women are embracing ‘modest fashion’ because they are sick of ‘flashing their boobs’ 

Muslim model Mariah Idrissi signs to major modelling agency

Mariah Idrissi was working in London’s Westfield shopping centre when she was scouted by a global fashion giant and became the face of a major modelling campaign.

A whirlwind year and a half later and Mariah’s life has completely changed and she has been heralded as the face of the modest-dressing movement.

She has just become the first hijab-wearing model to sign to a modelling agency, Select, and already has a global beauty brand collaboration in the works for 2017.

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